How Do You Find Your Voice?

There was no amazing fresh insight that suddenly manifested. Instead, finding my voice involved distilling myself. I looked within, at my own journey, to understand the services I could offer. I tested ideas out on myself to see what would work and I stayed the course. My foray into LinkedIn began in 2007 with hardly a clue of what the platform was about and how it would transform. Curiosity may have led me to take those early first steps but it was developing a clear goal, perseverance and consistency which got me to where I am today.

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Why LinkedIn Headlines Make a Difference

“Currently unemployed” This is simply a current state of affairs. Given that it is neither positive nor permanent, it should be removed. Keep your reader in mind. They are not concerned with the fact that you’re out of work. Your reader is far more interested in understanding the skills and experience you bring to the job. Your reader wants to know the type of work you seek.

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