executive presence

what is executive presence and who needs it

Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or running your own business, executive presence is something everyone requires. It comprises qualities and characteristics that convey confidence, a professional appearance, composure, and a sense of authenticity. We can also call it your personal brand.   

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the business case for a strong and clear executive profile

Shape others’ perception of you through your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Your executive presence is physically represented by you when you walk into a room, exuding confidence and charisma. However, online, your presence can be captured on social media and through your resume. It is highly recommended that any individual, whether working for a company or running their own business, possesses a LinkedIn account. 

A complete, clear and distinct LinkedIn profile will help you maximise visibility, reach and  impact. This can assist your efforts to enhance visibility with new audiences, secure a new role, embark on a thought leadership journey, and showcase expertise and experience

how your executive presence supports your business

While it is possible for a business to develop a LinkedIn company page, these pages also offer additional information on the people working in the business. Your personal profile, while distinct from the business you run, can be associated with your business through your LInkedIn company page. If your profile is striking and relevant to certain target audiences, it can attract potential customers. You can post content regularly to showcase your business’s activities.

Positioning yourself as a thought leader can attract attention from potential customers, partners, and collaborators.

deciding when to begin

If you own a business, having a personal LinkedIn profile and a LinkedIn company page for your business is strongly recommended. 

Before you start posting content, ensure that your profile and company page are aligned. Clearly define the topics you will post about, as a business, and as an individual. While it is logical for a business to focus on topics related to its products and services, an individual may cover a broader range of topics aligned to their personal experience, skills and interests. All posts should be guided by the key outcomes desired and your intended audience.

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