Businesses, both large and small, come to us for a variety of services.

Typically, they seek support in crafting a robust content marketing plan. While they may understand their business, they often need assistance in effectively communicating their competitive advantage. This involves positioning their content optimally, ensuring it meets SEO standards and resonates with their target audience. Additionally, some clients may lack the time to handle the actual writing, regardless of the final output. 


  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Government-linked companies
  • Data centres
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Publishing
  • Startups
  • SaaS (software as a service)
  • Tax and Advisory
  • Telecommunications



Launching new business: Experienced HR consultant publishes thought leadership for audience expansion

Michael*, a seasoned HR consultant who was previously attached to a prominent HR consulting firm in Melbourne, Australia, decided to venture out and establish his own HR consulting business. As part of his business’s website launch, Michael was keen to develop a series of short articles to be published on his website throughout the year. 

Michael explained, “While I regularly share HR updates with my clients by email, I believe that publishing articles on my website will help drive more visibility for my business”. 

We worked together to create an editorial calendar for Michael’s content, aligned with the business’s direction. Alongside this, we reviewed Michael’s LinkedIn account to ensure a clear  and robust profile that aligned with his blogging effort. Each article written incorporated relevant keywords that aligned with the SEO efforts on the website. The company’s LinkedIn page was also reviewed with a view to enhancing overall appeal and effectiveness.

Strategic branding refinement: Leadership coach enhances social media presence with marketing and content audit

Yaluma* is an executive and leadership coach and facilitator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yaluma sought assistance in planning her positioning on social media.

Yaluma shared, “I would like to be more visible on LinkedIn and use this platform to share more about the work I do to inspire and engage others but I need help in developing something appropriate”.

On further discussion, we conducted a content audit, examining all of Yaluma’s assets. This includes articles written, talks given, and workshops conducted. Additionally, we discovered that she had a business website for many years but that it had not been updated in a very long time. We reviewed past social media posts. On completing the review, we presented a detailed report to share findings and proposed a comprehensive branding and thought leadership plan.

This plan included optimising Yaluma’s LinkedIn profile, developing a 12-month editorial calendar for articles to be published on LinkedIn, and creating a social media plan for the distribution and promotion of content. Our goal is to enhance Yaluma’s online presence, establish her as a thought leader in her field, and effectively engage her target audience.

Strategic social media blueprint: Boutique property investment firm crafts year-long plan to boost trust and credibility

The owner of a boutique property investment firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chin* sought assistance in developing a 12 month social media plan for his firm.

Chin shared, “We need help with developing a social media plan for the year. We have some ideas for some of the months, and we also have events we would like to showcase. The goal is to ensure readers feel they can trust us, we look credible, and that they reach out to join our webinars or in-person events throughout the year”. 

In response, we created a  comprehensive social media plan that incorporated relevant keywords and hashtags. The overarching objective is to build trust and credibility, positioning the firm as a trusted resource within the property investment sector.

Innovative media tool unveiled: Developing a clear website to broaden access and adoption for medical research organisation

A medical research organisation based in Sydney, Australia recently developed a new digital decision aid tool. 

Leela*, who is a research scientist at this organisation, shared, “Getting the word out about this tool is important, which is why we want to build a simple and clear website that can make this information accessible to as many patients as possible”.

In response, we developed the structure, site navigation, and user experience for this website, including all content copy. Our goal is to ensure that the website not only communicates the features and benefits of the decision aid tool but provides clear information to a broad audience, to encourage widespread adoption of this valuable resource.

Press release unveils new EdTech breakthrough

Peter* is the founder of an edtech business in Bangkok, Thailand which just launched a new software program.

Peter shared, “Our software program supports the teaching of English in primary schools. We are super excited about what this means and would like to make an announcement on this. We want to build more public awareness about this program and we’d like to capture the interest of journalists and media professionals. Hopefully, this leads to more media coverage which means more exposure to a broader audience, and sales, of course”.

In response, we developed a targeted press release tailored for niche education sites and magazines. Our aim is to effectively communicate the significance of this new program and increase visibility across a broader audience.

Strategic ascent: Crafting an optimised LinkedIn profile for enhanced visibility and leadership opportunities

Susheela* is a senior manager working in an automation machinery manufacturing company based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Keen to make herself more visible so she can secure more senior leadership roles in the coming year, Susheela wants to do this by making herself more visible on LinkedIn through her writing and speaking engagements.  

Susheela shared, “While I don’t have much experience with public speaking, I  can write well. I know that writing more articles and posts will be useful for credibility and help others to get a sense of what I can do. However, I am unsure if my profile shows me up in the right way. I also want to know how to leverage the different features on LinkedIn to drive more visibility.”

We reviewed a range of documents Susheela provided included an updated resume, LinkedIn profile, talks delivered and a handful of articles Susheela wrote some time ago. After reviewing all the documents provided and doing an interview to discuss personal branding, positioning and key outcomes, we developed an optimised LInkedin profile.

Revitalised corporate identity: Developing a contemporary profile for a tech business

Devina*, the Marketing and Communications Manager at an IT services company offering cloud services, based in Singapore, recognises the need for a comprehensive update to the company’s corporate profile. The existing print booklet, developed over a decade ago, no longer fully captures the company’s expanded services and recent changes in leadership. 

Devina shared, “While our corporate profile served us well, it no longer fully reflects our capabilities and offerings. With changes to our leadership team and the introduction of new services, it’s time for a refresh. We want our stakeholders, the media, and customers to have a clear understanding of what we bring to the table.”

After a thorough review of the existing corporate profile, we discussed with Devina the key aspects for inclusion and outlined the desired look and feel for the brochure, identifying the main sections for redevelopment, and incorporating new sections. The final copy underwent a meticulous design process, resulting in a new, vibrant hardcover booklet that accurately reflects the company’s current identity, offerings and leadership. 

*pseudonyms used