Make Your Mark

In my journey to discover my own voice, I have been curious to find out how others have done the same. This is what a new show I have launched, Building Influence, is all about. Season 1 comprises eight episodes focused on intrepid adventurers in the field of education.

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Why LinkedIn Headlines Make a Difference

“Currently unemployed” This is simply a current state of affairs. Given that it is neither positive nor permanent, it should be removed. Keep your reader in mind. They are not concerned with the fact that you’re out of work. Your reader is far more interested in understanding the skills and experience you bring to the job. Your reader wants to know the type of work you seek.

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A Way to Stand Out Professionally

Understand that there are different types of people out there. Some are more comfortable processing ideas by listening, some by reading and others by watching. The more that you are able to accommodate these differences by incorporating a range of formats for your content, the better your chances of conveying your message effectively.

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