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At Digital Confluence, we specialise in transforming your ideas into compelling narratives that resonate and engage. We understand the power of words and how they shape perceptions,  drive engagement, and elevate your brand.

We provide tailored marketing and communication solutions, ranging from white-label content development to digital product creation, social media management, and comprehensive communication services. Whether you’re looking to enhance your digital presence, launch a new product, refine your brand messaging or develop more thought leadership pieces, we are here to support you every step of the way.


For a short version, here’s my Executive Profile.

For many of us, our career journey is part careful deliberation and part serendipity, and so it is for Digital Confluence.

From legal eagle to tech startup founder

My professional journey began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I practised law for several years. However, a persistent question lingered: “Is this it? Could there be more?” 

I had a strong desire to look beyond my shores and the furthest place I could think of was Auckland, New Zealand.  I embarked on a solo six-month working holiday in Auckland. One thing led to another, and before long, I found myself joining two others to build a tech startup in Sydney, Australia. The year was 1999. 

It was a thrilling yet stressful time as I plunged deep into startup life, building a business offering online conferencing and workshops, at a time when broadband offerings were very much in their infancy. From  product development and investor relations to talent management, this venture became my irreversible foray into the entrepreneurial journey. There was no turning back.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Subsequently, after five years, I left the business to return to Kuala Lumpur to start a training and development business that was bootstrapped and grew year on year. This was Flipside, which eventually evolved into Vertical Distinct. 

Throughout this 17-year journey (which unfortunately did not survive the upheaval wrought by the pandemic), we provided professional training through conferences, technical workshops and later, certification programs. Additionally, we launched and managed HR Matters, a human resource magazine, for eight years. As the magazine’s editor, I oversaw print and digital subscriptions, quarterly executive briefings, and HR roundtable discussions for senior leaders.

Looking back, it’s evident that training and development, supporting individuals in developing their skills and empowering their career journey, has been a cornerstone of our offerings. 

I have always wanted to write, it just took me 35 years to start.

My entry into the world of publishing, editing and writing laid the foundation for Digital Confluence. I just didn’t know it at the time. What began as a ghostwriting side gig to support first-time authors, from Kuala Lumpur, then expanded into blog posts, case studies, and website copy for businesses across several sectors. In 2019, when I moved to Canberra, Australia, I  registered Digital Confluence as a business.

What continues to fuel my excitement is running a business that enables me to support clients wherever they may be.

To stay updated on my current projects, feel free to check my personal blog and my Now page (nod to Derek Sivers for creating this, brilliant!)

Rowena Morais
Founder, Digital Confluence

Rowena Morais
Rowena Morais