Our story

Digital Confluence was born in 2016 quite by accident. 

Founder and Creative Director of Digital Confluence, Rowena Morais, spent her early career practising law for a few years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before embarking on travels that led to joining a tech start-up in in Sydney, Australia. Immersing herself in product development, investor relations and website development, she realised how exciting the entrepreneurial journey was and paused a return to legal practice.

Fast forward five years, a return to Kuala Lumpur continued the entrepreneurial journey and began what is now, in 2021, a 17 year journey into delivering professional training and development through Vertical Distinct (formerly known as Flipside).  Through this organisation, Human Resource and Technology professionals are able to undertake relevant and timely globally accredited programmes that enhance their skill sets and arm them for the future.

As Rowena supported mid-sized and enterprise businesses with the learning and development needs of their talent pool, marketing and communication skills grew in importance for her. Along the way, a magazine, named HR Matters, was born in 2007 to further support the HR community, for which Rowena was the Editor. The magazine was a print and then, digital publication, which over the course of eight years led to other aligned activities specifically for the HR community: the development of half-day executive briefings and then, HR breakfast roundtables for senior leaders. (The magazine has since moved to a completely digital offering publishing on the website instead of  through quarterly issues).

Connecting with HR thought leaders and industry leaders around the world, individuals and organisations began to approach Rowena for ghostwriting services to develop a range of content:  website copy, corporate profiles, speeches, blog posts, case studies and eBooks. She was also sought out to help with the development or optimisation of LinkedIn profiles. And that is how Digital Confluence came to be.

Our people

Digital Confluence is led by Founder and Creative Director, Rowena Morais. Invited to the TEDx stage twice, Rowena is an editor, writer, marketer and coach who helps brands amplify reach and better connect with their customers through relevant and engaging content.

Over the last decade, she has been helping professionals refine their LinkedIn profiles and digital presence. Rowena was the Founding Editor of HR Matters Magazine for eight years. This was a leading Malaysian print magazine for HR professionals. Rowena is also Associate Editor at the HR Gazette, a North American HR publication and a columnist in a Malaysian newspaper, the New Straits Times.

Updated November 2021.

Rowena Morais - Digital Confluence
Rowena Morais