Copywriting is a form of writing specifically crafted for the purpose of advertising or promoting a product or service. It is often referred to as sales copy, and its primary goal is to raise awareness, educate a target audience and prompt them to take specific actions. 

The actions encouraged can vary based on marketing objectives and may include:

  • Explore (encouraging the reader to review a specific web page or document)
  • Buy (convince the reader to make a specific purchase)
  • Sign up (prompt the reader to sign up for a newsletter or programme)
  • Try (encourage  the reader to try out a programme or solution)
  • Watch (motivate the reader to watch a video)
  • Start (urge the reader to start a programme)
  • Download (persuade the reader to download a document or file).


Good copywriting plays a crucial role in effective communications and brand success. It also has the potential to influence, captivate and move your reader.  

To understand the consequences of poorly communicated messages, one only needs to look at bad copywriting. Bad copy means your reader does not take the action you want them to, it fails to communicate your story or message well, preventing you from connecting with your reader. In fact, it results in them not continuing to read your message. 

As a result, there can be irreparable damage to your brand and your search engine rankings, which may take significant effort and time to repair.


The distinction between copywriting and content writing lies in its purpose. Content writing involves developing information with the goal of educating your audience and building awareness. On the other hand, copywriting is developing information that is designed to persuade and sell.


Copywriting may take several forms and formats, each tailored to specific communication channels and goals. 

Technical copywriting
Content that provides information or guides the audience on a technical subject. It may explain how a product works, a step-by-step process, or provide additional information to raise awareness about a topic.

Social media copywriting
Short yet impactful messages crafted for direct communication with your audience on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, X and Instagram.

Landing pages
Copywriting designed for specific web pages with the goal of converting a visitor into a customer through the use of compelling headlines, persuasive content and strong calls to action.

Email copywriting
Information that is conveyed via email, with the aim of raising awareness, or educating or promoting a product or service. Effective email copy includes engaging subject lines, informative content and a strong call to action.

Short-form content that usually accompanies visuals or videos, targeted to a specific market segment, to capture attention and drive desired actions.

Brochures and pitch decks
Documents, available either in print or digital format, intended to inform your audience about your company or products and services. These materials provide details about features and benefits of your products and services offered. 

Blog copywriting
Unlike standard blog posts which are designed to be informative, blog copywriting is designed to be persuasive. The aim is to get the reader to take action, whether to visit a website or make a purchase.


Your decision to engage in copywriting is largely driven by your business goals. If you want to run marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement, launch new products, increase sales, or all of the above, it will be beneficial to consider how copywriting can aid in these activities.


A copywriter is a specialist with significant experience in developing the right content to match the audience and format required. The goal of the copywriter is to elevate the company brand, create a sense of interest and excitement, and compel the reader to take specified action. 

An effective copywriter will:

  • ensure a professional approach by examining grammar and punctuation, tone and voice, and reviewing common errors that can impact your brand credibility
  • reduce jargon and break down complicated ideas into easy-to-understand text
  • help your brand develop a voice and maintain a consistent voice across all channels and media
  • support the customer yet ensure that they write for the reader
  • be digitally savvy and consider issues such as content optimisation, Google ranking and SEO
  • not only write but have a strategy for how copy needs to be developed, taking into account where the copy sits and how it aligns with other content

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