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Digital Confluence - Businesses

Helping businesses amplify reach and engagement through relevant content


Review your business documents for clarity on direction. Compile strategies and research (market, competition, industry).


Develop an overall game plan to position your business strategically and reach your prospects and turn them into customers.


Develop relevant useful content - blogs, newsletters, social media posts, emails - to attract and acquire your audience.

Serving a range of business types


Mid-sized or large businesses with regional or global presence.


Local or global partnerships.

Associations and Non profits

Public foundations, trade organisations and social advocacy groups.

Enhancing visibility for senior professionals through their digital profile and thought leadership

Digital footprint

Review your digital presence and all of your thought leadership assets.

Audience building

Help you build a relevant and engaged audience.

Thought leadership

Demonstrate expertise and credibility in your chosen professional field.

Serving individuals wherever they are


Business owners and consultancies across multiple business domains.

Career changers

Those who are part of the gig economy or are in part time or contract roles.

Non digital natives

Senior professionals who require support in the digital landscape.

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