How Much Is Too Much For A LinkedIn Profile?

How Much Is Too Much For A LinkedIn Profile?

In a recent meetup which I recorded, I addressed 4 questions about LinkedIn which the participants kindly agreed could be shared publicly.

This 30 minute video call addressed the following topics. The questions have been adapted for the purposes of this blog post for the reader’s convenience.

  1. I am a women’s mind and body fitness coach. Lately, I have been receiving many invitations from other women who are also mind and body fitness coaches. So we all offer a similar service to the same target market. I am curious as to what may be the motive in their reaching out to connect?
  2. To what extent should we curate our LinkedIn profile, that is, how much is too much? What do you believe is an appropriate length for a LinkedIn headline?
  3. In the past, applicants used to invest a lot of time and energy in preparing for walk-in interviews which are done face to face. But since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a rise in online interviews. But these are harder to prepare for with things like background noises being disruptive, small children walking in during a call etc. This creates a bad impression for the applicant. How do we create a good impression during these online video calls?
  4. Let’s say that a person is not very active on LinkedIn and they may also have changed industry and jobs a few times. They may update their work experience or headline but it has been inconsistently done. How does a person address their LinkedIn profile in such a case?

If you have any questions about revamping your resume or optimising your LInkedIn profile, feel free to send me a message or drop a comment in this post.

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