Build a Body Of Work by Rowena Morais


If you are looking to create more credibility and authenticity about who you are as a professional, then this short and practical case study will show you how.

Book: Build A Body of Work – A Case Study on How to Build More Influence
Author: Rowena Morais

yOU will learn

  • how a senior HR leader (with no previous experience in writing or marketing) began her writing journey to strengthen her professional profile and utilise the development of a body of work to showcase her leadership capability;
  • about the goals she developed and the steps she took including developing a long-term content strategy;
  • the process for building an editorial calendar, conducting a content audit and producing specialised content;
  • the habits she developed and the ways she optimised work through processes and tools; and
  • how she evaluated her activities to determine what constituted success.


  • Part I: Overview
  • Introduction
  • What you will learn here
  • The profile
  • The opportunity
  • The solution
  • Part II: Steps to success
  • The steps to success
  • Process overview
  • Part III: Conclusion
  • The ‘why’ behind the effort – communicate to influence
  • Take charge of your learning journey
  • Showcase expertise without looking arrogant
  • Acknowledgements and resources
  • About the author


I read your book and it was amazing how I could relate to every bit of it. With similar experience, similar domain … I had so much to take away from this book. It definitely gave me some really effective ideas and tips that I can put to use immediately. Thanks so much for sharing this with me.

Shivani Reddy Nigudagi SHRM-SCP, Malaysia


Shivani Reddy Nigudagi

“Build a Body of Work” by Rowena Morais is a book that deserves a bigger stage. It is written with generous insight and content richness whilst maintaining a caring, empathic and original story-telling style, which guides the reader one action at a time, from feeling overwhelmed to feeling secure and accomplished in developing their public professional profile. This self-help book beats steadily and with a big heart.

Ioana Jago, UK 2022

Ioana Jago