Building Influence with your host, Rowena Morais

The interview questions

These interviews feature top creators, leaders and SME entrepreneurs from around the world who have achieved considerable success in their areas of expertise.  Each hour-long interview takes a deep dive into three aspects of the individual – their profile, their network and their body of work. We end with a rapid-fire round on habits and general approach.

your profile

  1. Tell us about your career journey – how much of it was deliberate and how much involved moving with the flow. Is where you are currently where you intended to be and how did you get here?
  2. What do you want viewers to know about you from a professional standpoint?
  3. Elaborate on one tactic that has helped you become more visible and known for your skills and expertise.
  4. What has been key to building a strong digital profile for you?
  5. Can you share two or three ways in which you market yourself?

your network

  1. What are two or three key aspects of networking you consider important and would share with someone who is new to networking?
  2. Name me two things you have been doing and continue to do that help you grow your network.
  3. Elaborate on the key criteria for your network – how do you make decisions about who you should connect to.
  4. What are consistent elements in your outreach effort?

your body of work

  1. What do you consider your unique strengths (areas of expertise) professionally?
  2. How did you discover your strengths Рtell us about your journey 
  3. What have you done to build on these strengths?
  4. What are some of your biggest stumbling blocks in achieving this expertise?
  5. How did you overcome them?
  6. How have you built up your body of work – what is it, where does it sit, how do you shine a light on it?
  7. What tips can you share about beginning the process of building a body of work?

Habits and approach

  1. Name two habits that you consider essential to your ongoing success
  2. What has been instrumental in helping you overcome fear?
  3. What are the guiding principles or decisions that you have made that help you play the long game?