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About this episode

This is Episode 08 from Season 01 Education. Season 01 contains eight episodes featuring guests who work in education. Each episode features a single guest, looking at their personal lives and careers, considering their perspective as a leader and creator. These interviews are candid and unfiltered.

About Dr Ai Addyson-Zhang

As founder of Classroom without walls, Ai empowers teens and young adults struggling to discover their career paths to gain clarity, confidence and real-life skills. Ai talks about 

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Show notes

  • Originally from China, I am a first generation  immigrant to the US. I had a very traditional educational upbringing there… lots of exams, pressure and … humiliation. That inspired me to see how other children learn (3:30)
  • I never really thought about  my life, my journey. The turning point for me was when I had my sabbatical and my mid-life crisis but things changed after I had a taste of showing up online and a taste of possibilities  (4:35)
  • From professor dropout to an entrepreneur (7:05)
  • One tactic I have used to enhance my professional visibility (7:40)
  • My wake-up call: I needed to become a practitioner and the trigger for launching my live streaming show (9:27)
  • Key to building a strong digital profile (11:32)
  • I am a mom and homeschool my kids- I have to find what works for me. Reserving your energy (13:43)
  • What showing up daily on LinkedIn means for me (16:05)
  • How I became a Hubspot Academy instructor and how livestreaming became so important and I began to love doing video (23:20)
  • You have to understand what you are naturally good at (27:06)
  • Copywriting is such an important skill and messaging makes such a huge difference (36:13)
  • What I consider to be my professional strengths (37:30)
  • The courage to share what I truly believe was a major milestone in terms of my messaging (39:00)
  • Why I resigned from my Associate Professor position and how my video sharing that went viral (50k views and more) (40:35)
  • I got bullied really badly by a friend and I felt like an imposter .. it was a dark period for me and I didnt feel as strong then as I do now. (46:10)
  • Always seeking external validation and moving toward doing the work internally (48:03)
  • My first program, as an entrepreneur, was a success but a financial disaster. Why you should hire a coach to save yourself time and money (49:05)

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