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This is Episode 08 from Season 01 Education. Season 01 contains eight episodes featuring guests who work in education. Each episode features a single guest, looking at their personal lives and careers, considering their perspective as a leader and creator. These interviews are candid and unfiltered.


As founder of Classroom without walls, Ai empowers teens and young adults struggling to discover their career paths to gain clarity, confidence and real-life skills. Ai talks about 

Dr Ai Addyson-Zhang quote 01


  • Originally from China, I am a first generation  immigrant to the US. I had a very traditional educational upbringing there… lots of exams, pressure and … humiliation. That inspired me to see how other children learn (3:30)
  • I never really thought about  my life, my journey. The turning point for me was when I had my sabbatical and my mid-life crisis but things changed after I had a taste of showing up online and a taste of possibilities  (4:35)
  • From professor dropout to an entrepreneur (7:05)
  • One tactic I have used to enhance my professional visibility (7:40)
  • My wake-up call: I needed to become a practitioner and the trigger for launching my live streaming show (9:27)
  • Key to building a strong digital profile (11:32)
  • I am a mom and homeschool my kids- I have to find what works for me. Reserving your energy (13:43)
  • What showing up daily on LinkedIn means for me (16:05)
  • How I became a Hubspot Academy instructor and how livestreaming became so important and I began to love doing video (23:20)
  • You have to understand what you are naturally good at (27:06)
  • Copywriting is such an important skill and messaging makes such a huge difference (36:13)
  • What I consider to be my professional strengths (37:30)
  • The courage to share what I truly believe was a major milestone in terms of my messaging (39:00)
  • Why I resigned from my Associate Professor position and how my video sharing that went viral (50k views and more) (40:35)
  • I got bullied really badly by a friend and I felt like an imposter .. it was a dark period for me and I didnt feel as strong then as I do now. (46:10)
  • Always seeking external validation and moving toward doing the work internally (48:03)
  • My first program, as an entrepreneur, was a success but a financial disaster. Why you should hire a coach to save yourself time and money (49:05)


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