How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile for Improved Visibility, Reach and Impact

Why are you optimising your LinkedIn profile?

To be credible, clear and relevant.

This is your chance to put your personal brand forward

This LinkedIn profile optimisation checklist helps you get the most important baselines in

Let your profile do what you need it to do:

  • Enhance visibility to relevant people and companies
  • Establish credibility, strength and professional expertise
  • Create a portfolio (a body of work) that showcases your experience.

This checklist is developed:

  • to help you improve professional visibility to prospective employers
  • to assist in broadening your business connections and accessing new opportunities
  • to help you tap into specific networks of professionals, companies and groups
  • to enable you to reconnect with old colleagues, leaders  or mentors
  • to help you meet people based on common interests or professions.

Suitable for

  • an entrepreneur
  • fresh graduate
  • job seeker
  • across industry or location.