Why do clients come to us?

Businesses, large and small, come to us for a range of content services:

  • A book to publish: clients have come to us with a book idea with an outline and structure. Sometimes, there may be a manuscript already developed. We take the ideas or the manuscript and shape it in a structured, cohesive and powerful way
  • Content marketing efforts: clients have approached with a request for a single article but also, a series of blog posts. We develop the article into an SEO-friendly piece of content that puts the client forward as a thought leader and subject matter expert
  • Press release: clients have approached us about the latest development in their company or to provide updates on a new product. We develop a press release that gets noticed by their target audience
  • Corporate profile: clients have had their corporate profile revamped. We develop a profile that summarises purpose and vision and make it easy for the audience (stakeholders, media, potential customers and investors) to understand key corporate information
  • Website presence: clients have asked for their online presence to be updated and developed. We develop reader-focused content so that they understand what is on offer
  • Personal or corporate brand: brick and mortar businesses with insignificant digital presence have asked for help in developing their digital brand. Businesses have sought support in leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn. We help ensure alignment between the brick and mortar and digital brands. We ensure that their LinkedIn profiles and company pages are strong, credible and clear.

Why do clients approach us?

  • They need support in crafting a good content marketing plan 
  • They understand their business but need help communicating their competitive advantage 
  • They simply do not have time to do the actual writing whatever the final output may be. They need help to see how best this needs to be positioned, ensure it addresses SEO standards and meets the audience where they are.

what industries are these businesses in?

  • Consulting servicesGovernment-linked companies
  • Coaching business
  • Data centres
  • Educational institutions
  • EdTech
  • Health and wellness
  • IT services
  • Insurance
  • Legal, government and corporate information solutions
  • Medical service providers
  • Publishing
  • Startups
  • SaaS (software as a service) businesses 
  • Tax and Advisory
  • Telecommunications

Clients past and present include

Cancer Research Malaysia
Basis Bay
Wurth HR
Wholesome Leaders
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